Thursday, 1 November 2007

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

new artwork for upcoming exhibition

thought id post some new art for my upcoming exhibition in the next few years colaborating with my mother diana for us to exhibit together.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

miracle weaver update

different shots all with different lighting

miracle weaver update

miracle weaver pre production

the original preproduction for the hallway and lighting plan. also the pre production work for the conference room

miracle weaver update

here are the final images of the hallway and the conference room for miracle weaver project with makoto, maruna and gemma. we were aiming for high reflective surfaces and clean steel colours to create a sense of foreboading and unfriendliness.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

new artwork

i created some new artwork for this website. the design for the overall theme is still under construction but will probably look like one of my films once they are created.


Lady M.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Yay!! Simmy joins my insanity!!

Guess what kiddies?! Simon is on board with the mutie story! he has graciously agreed to show me how to work flash for the animation. i decided that mutie's story would best be animated in 2d rather than 3d to keep his linework and character intact.

Like him? He's muties enemy!!!!! the evil nacho that started the whole mutation of mutie and our cruel jib at his little existence!!
the storboard should be done within the next week and character models hopefully within the following.
Layouts to be posted soon!

Lady M.

thought i'd post some work for the fund raising calendar that griffith uni animation students put together for our final year films.

the first image was a mistake but i thought it looked cool. the second one was the final image that was prined as the January image.

Lady M.

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Wisdom Design Done

this is wisdom, one of the characters for miracle weaver. my muse was fellow world of warcraft players to take a twist on the conventional "Wise" person. So I made him a geek!!!!! an all knowing geek!!!!!

Ok as well as muties story that im working on slowly, I am also working on a film called Miricle Weaver. I have designed the backgrounds and one character for the film as well as handling all the lighting and special effects for it. Yay for Particles!!!

heres what I got so far in terms of environments and it is pretty basic. I am not handling textures but I think they are going ok.

More work to be posted on this soon!

Lady M.

Ahhh nothing like a sunday spent at uni is it? well I have alot of 3d work to work on today so ill show you what I will hopefully complete.

I am creating a new film about a little creature temporarily named Mutie. He has had alot of bad luck in the past which leads to his current unpleasent appearance. Isn't he cute!!!! well as we have a look back throught his little pathetic life it all began with one nacho that changed the coarse of time leading to his accidents resulting in him being mutated. He remembers the nacho and confronts him down an alleyway and in the end triumphs over the tasty chip to only find that by destroying the nacho, he gave up his one chance at being normal and so hes back to where he started.

its a small film, only about 2 or 3 minutes long with the whole thing set on a giant theatre stage with old rundown props to simulate his flashback environments except he doesnt know why he is in a theatre or why its being played out like this.

In the end it is like one big theatrical dramawith poor little mutie as the unfortunate main character that gets the bad luck.

ill kepp you posted on the progress of this little film. I like it, it seems cute and quirky enough to be up here!

Lady M.
well i thought id put something pretty on here to make it look better! this image i designed for a surf board as a private commission. I really enjoyed this little endevour and thought about going into the design industry for surfing and skating.
If you like it, contact me, I have also had offers for tattoo designs as well!

Lady M.
Hello audience!!!!

wow my first post, I feel so powerful!! well, not really but hey it beats myspace! I just moved house so my blog won't be updated as often as I would like until my internet situation is sorted out but until then I will try to post as often as i can.

I just gotta figure out how to personalise this website... hmmm well thats for another day!

until then - signing off

Lady M.